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News Scope
Example view of News Scope

News Network

The News Network shows how current news are connected with each other.

Each node represents a Wikipedia page which can be viewed by double clicking the node. The size is calculated by betweenness centrality.


The Treemap represents how important a news is by comparing the amounts of edits on Wikipedia with other news in the same time frame.

The graph is split into the five categories Business, People, Entertainment, Sports and World.

Symbolic representation of People Scope
Example view of News Scope

Future Events

Sometimes, news are not about what happens now, but instead about what will happen in the future.

A simple calendar is filled with events which will happen in the future, so you can already read about it now.

Twitter Tracker

Twitter Tracker shows the topics which generate the most buzz on Twitter and compares the activity over time.

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Example view of News Scope

News Cloud

This slightly different view on the news takes all the topics appearing in the tweets about current news and builds a word cloud. This gives a quick overview of the current recurring themes in the different news articles.

Co-occurrence Network

The Co-occurrence Network is similar to the news cloud as it also analyzes the text of the news. However, it allows the user to search for a topic and then displays the most important words which are occurring in multiple articles and shows how they are connected.

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