Galaxy Scope

What is Galaxy Scope?

Galaxy Scope is a combination of multiple products with the intention to make sense of current news and people that are connected with it. It crawls and understands publicly available sources such as Wikipedia and Twitter to find the hidden information in it.

The main parts of Galaxy Scope are People Scope and News Scope. People Scope focuses on finding the key influencers about a topic and shows how people are connected through the web. Meanwhile, News Scope shows what is happening and discovers news, but combines this with the information about the people related to any news.

What are our products?

Example view of News Scope

News Scope

Do you want to see news before they are even written?

News Scope finds news by analyzing the current modifications in Wikipedia and compares them with the tweets about the same topic. The Wikipedia network is also useful to build a network of not only topics, but also the related people and their relative importance.

People Scope

Have you ever wondered about your place in the world?

People Scope tells you that you don't have to look up to the stars, because you are already there! With just a few steps you are connected to this worlds leaders, innovators, scientists, artists and stars of all kind.

By analyzing your network you will see who and what connects you with the rest of the world. You might be surprised to learn how closely you are already connected to the people you look up to.

Symbolic representation of People Scope
Example view of Swarm News

Swarm News

Are you looking for an overview of what's going on NOW?

Swarm News is an automatically generated newspaper based purely on current edits on Wikipedia and conversations on Twitter.

It shows the most important topics at the beginning, but also allows you to search for news or filter by a huge number of categories.

How does it work?

Fetch the web

Using a single topic or a name as the input, we scan the web to see where that name or topic appears. All these places are connected with other people which builds the foundation of the network.

Extend the network

All the people found in the first step lead to even more connections. Wikipedia Pages, high-ranking Twitter followers and more extend the graph and connects it to a huge database of known people.

Analyze the graph

The generated network can now be pruned and then analyzed to find the most important people. And finally the result will be displayed with additional options to further manipulate the network.

Who is behind Galaxy Scope?

Galaxy Scope is a project by GalaxyAdvisors, a company with the goal to help you tap the wisdom of the swarm through social network analysis.

GalaxyAdvisors offers software to analyze huge networks. By analyzing e-mail networks in companies, true leaders and innovators can be found. Sentiment analysis in social media helps to gauge reactions of costumers and this is just a small part of what is possible.

Do you want to do more analysis of your own network or are you looking to analyze the network of your company? Want to find out how people are talking about your products and why? Tap the amazing power of the swarm? Visit us at